The Katz Quiz

In this quiz we use Shelley Katz’s 10 different interpretations of Bach’s e-minor prelude.  The 10 interpretations was made as an answer to Daniel Leech-Wilkinson challenge: “Produce seven distinct performances of one score without altering the pitch order notated. The other constraint was that altering parameters slightly, such as subtle and temporary changes to dynamics or tempo, was not enough to constitute a new version of the score.” The interpretation are to be seen as “sketches done by artists before they do the ‘real’ painting”. The recordings are done with an iPhone4 “as it was closest to hand”. Read more about this challenge here

This quiz ask’s the question: Can you identify the characteristics of an interpretation, so that you can point out two different section because they belong  to the same interpretation? 

To test this question you will be asked to identify different sections  belonging to the “same interpretation” from a pool of ten different interpretations. All the ten interpretations are made by Shelley Katz.  

The quiz will go like this: First you will listen to interpretation no. 1 bar 1-12 – there after you will have to identify which of the 10 interpretations of  bar 21-33  that is “the same” interpretation as ex. 1.

Then the quiz continues with interpretation no. 2 and so on. 

As you do this quiz you will be anonymous, and you will get access the right answers afterwards. You can also skip some of the questions…

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