This webpage is the result of the artistic research project The art of interpretation (2022-2024) at the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus). 

The Art of Interpretation is an investigation of interpretation in the concert hall, on YouTube, and in the instrumental teaching at classical academies of music, to find new approaches and values for interpretation. 

The projects research questions are:

Clarification of concepts, can interpretation be defined as an artistic competence that starts from the musician rather than the work?

Update, is there an unrealized and contemporary artistic potential in interpretation freed from underlying historical or contemporary preconceptions?

Professional languages, can we create a contemporary vocabulary that can describe fundamental aspects of interpretation?

Process development, can we develop artistic work processes which has innovative interpretation as a goal in itself?

Distinctions, is interpretation fundamentally different on different instruments and in contemporary music?

Value creation for public, can we make interpretation visible in concert performances, so that this aspect is perceived more clearly for the audience?

Recording vs. live, are there fundamental interpretational differences between the live concert performance and the studio recording? 

The project is based on a series of experiments that seeks to uncover tacit knowledge and create clarity about the factors involved in interpretation. The aim is to create an understanding of interpretation as an artistic activity that can add new perspectives too our contemporary culture on an equal footing with other art forms.

The project is carried out by Søren Rastogi (piano), Henrik Knarborg (percussion) and Lasse Laursen (music theory), all from the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus), and the project is supported with cross-aesthetic sparring by Lena Gregersen (Royal Academy of Music), Merlyn Perez-Silva (Royal Academy of Music), and Marion Reuter (the Danish National School of Performing Arts), and it is funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

For more info and to get in contact with us:

Søren Rastogi · sras@musikkons.dk · http://www.sorenrastogi.com

Henrik Knarborg Larsen · henla@musikkons.dk · http://www.knarborg.com

Lasse Laursen · lala@musikkons.dk · http://www.orchestration.dk