Identify a pianist

In this quiz you can get an idea about how difficult/easy it is to identify a pianist. In the first question you will listen to a recording of Barenboim playing an excerpt from Beethoven’s Waldstein sonata (approx. 15 sec.). After this you will listen to four other recordings of the same passage. Barenboim is also playing in one of the four recordings, but the other three is done by Arrau, Brendel and Pletnev. If you can identify the one that is done by Barenboim, it must be because there is something in his way of playing that is different from the other three – something that makes his playing unique (a human blueprint). Question 2, 3 and 4 is the same setup but now we are trying to identify first Arrau, then Brendel and finally Pletnev. 

When you finish the quiz you can see how you did, and how anybody else did. 

You are anonymous in this quiz.